The business started as a partnership company in September 1991 by four partners, of which only two, namely Sharon Goon and Leong Chee Thim involved in the organization. Opening from a small showroom in Argyll Road.The company was converted into limited company in February 1994 with Sharon Goon and Leong Chee Thim as Directors. Recognizing the growth potential of the residential and commercial renovation market, the company increased its showroom space by taken up the whole shop lot of a complex and bought up the business run by another interior designing company in Farquhar street in 1994.

Nobel is in the business of interior design, renovation and furnishing of homes, offices, shop and factories, and home styling and support of up market residential and institutional furniture.The company provided interior design services, supplies and install custom-made furniture and fittings for residential and commercial project as well as turkey contracts for condominiums, offices, shops.The company tailors and integrates its services to meet the renovation need and equipments of its customers. To the end, the company provides the following services to its customers, as part of it overall design, contract and furnishing package:

  • a) Interior designing
  • b) Project management and
  • c) Furniture production

Recognizing the important role of interior designing in the renovation of home and offices, the company has concentrated on building up a strong team of interior designer. Because each design assignment is unique, the interior designers have to work closely with customer to identify their needs and requirements. Essentially, they seek to achieve three goals when designing a home or an office:

  • a) Functionality - ther interior must fulfill its purpose
  • b) Aesthetic sensitivity and appeal - it should express beauty by pleasing senses and lifting the spirit
  • c) Individuality - it should be individually unique, reflecting the interests and preferences of the users or the customers


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