Nobel interior is a well established interior design firm, based in Penang, Malaysia. Set up 14 years ago. Nobel operates throughout the western region Malaysia. Eg. Penang, Kedah, Malacca and Kuala Lumpur.
We have a large portfolio of residential client, as well as a thriving corporate division specializing in residential and show houses, commercial spaces and corporate offices. Recognizing the important of practical and creative design on spaces, our team of designers often works closely with our client and to answer our client needs are the main forus of our designs. Nobel interior offer truly individual interior design services to all out client. No project is too large and no client or detail is too small.

Here at Nobel interiors, we forus on converting the expression of our client needs into exceptional designs that fulfill function as well as esthetics.
Our experience prove that our finest design and the greatest level of satisfaction from our client occur when the owner is as enthusiastic about the project as we are, is willingly to invest in helping us understand their needs. Creating the right interior space for any project demands that the designers and client work closely. Particularly in the early design stages. We know that we must clearly understand your objectives and needs. We also know that the best way to archive that is through in depth discussion, careful listening and asking well thought questions. Once your goals are delineated, a frame work is built. It is from this conceptual frame work that the design will ultimately emerge. Nobel interior can create whatever space planning and living style needs your desire from medium to high end. We specialize in a very broad perspective in term of interior design, ranging from super condos to bungalows or apartment. Our profile also shows commercial work done for restaurant, clubs, offices and factories.






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